Our HECD programme is designed based on our researched review of the challenges and demands of the higher education terrain and the outcomes of the focused discussion with its professional operators. The twenty six (26) courses developed were targeted at those areas and skills that are currently in high demand as pointed out by the obvious hierarchy of the challenges high education institutions are facing in their current operating environment. The programme is made up of fourteen (14) management and twelve (12) Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related courses.

The management related courses are focusing on linking strategic planning with budgeting, academic and vital records management, institutional advancement, marketing, leadership, administration and facility management among others. The ICT related courses are focusing on the most popular application packages namely Microsoft (Basic and Advanced MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Statistical Package for Social Scientists (IBM), Nvivo and Social Media for Teaching and Research.

"We don’t want to be left behind. As administrators, we have a lot at stake in running of universities beyond clerical duties in committees. The university administration in Nigeria is usually in committees and we have always been confined to writing minutes and performing other clerical functions. But beyond that we have other strategic roles to play and as such the training and retraining of our members must be given priority" - Mr Okey Ikegbunam, President

We have used utmost care and incisiveness to select and structure the content of these courses and has formed a faculty constituted by experts with diverse sets of knowledge, insights, skills and experiential background to deliver them. Our ultimate aim and desire is to assist Ministries or Departments of Higher Education, Tertiary Institutions and other indiviudal, group, corporate or institutional stakeholders to acquire extant but renewable capacities in meeting the challenges of Higher Education delivery like the increasing scarcity of funds, hypercompetition for student enrolment, growing organizational complexities, technology and the evolution of multichannel delivery systems and reduction in the overall quality of institutional experiences.

By exposing participants to global best practices, standards, and benchmarks while creating the enabling context, intellectual mind set and attitidinal orientation for their adoption or adaption to our national and institutional peculiarities, the HECD programme would be empowering university professional administrators and their academic counterparts to deliver their optimal best. In addition, it would help Tertiary Education Institutions to rejig and strengthen their institutional structures, facilities, systems and processes to deliver on their vision and mission as well as the high expectations of their students and the nation.

It is with this in mind that we have the privilege and honour to invite you to look through our HECD courses. We are confident you will find courses that will address the capacity development needs of your Insitution be it a University, Polytechnic, College, Institute, Centre or even a Ministry, Department or Agency. We will deliver any of the courses in-house where the number of participants makes it a viable option costwise. Otherwise, you may send your personnel to our scheduled open nomination courses (refer to our course calendar for dates, fees and other details). If you desire to run any of the courses on in-house basis, kindly contact Dr Mustapha Ibrahim Lemu +234 080 373 135 09 or Mr Suleman Liman - +234 080 358 710 81.

For further enquiries email us at training@ibbuconsult.com.ng



  • Academic and Vital Records Management
  • Developing Resilient Institutional Advancement Programme
  • Best Practices in Student Support Services
  • Operational Skills for Optimal Facility Management
  • Strategic Cost Management in Higher Education
  • Strategic Marketing of Higher Education
  • Effective Maintenance Planning and Management
  • Management Skills for Faculty and Departmental Officers
  • Skills for Effective Seminar and Conference Presentations
  • Managing Student Conflict in Higher Education
  • The Basics of Higher Education Administration
  • Strategic Planning and Budgeting in Higher Education
  • Fundamentals of Academic Leadership


  • Basic Microsoft Word Skills for Beginners
  • Advanced Microsoft Word: From Basic to Proficient
  • Long Document Production with Microsoft Word
  • Basic Microsoft Excel for Beginners
  • Advanced Microsoft Word for Academics and Researchers
  • Basic Microsoft PowerPoint for Beginners
  • Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint for Proficiency Development
  • Fundamentals of SPSS for Academics and Researchers
  • Advanced of SPSS for Academics and Researchers
  • Basic Statistical Skills for Analysing Qualitative Data
  • Advanced Statistical Skills for Analysing Qualitative Data
  • ICT as Tool for Teaching, Learning, and Research